I began writing in the early 70’s because it was what you did in Austin. There was a tremendous writing presence here at that time with writers such as Chad Oliver, Howard Waldrop, Steve Utley, Lisa Tuttle, Bruce Sterling, Lewis Shiner, Bill Wallace, and Walton “Bud” Simons all living and writing here. The less said about those early stories, the better.

It was after I began a strong friendship with Joe R. Lansdale, Bill Crider, and James Reasoner in the late 70’s that I began to find my voice in writing. I stared submitting again in about 1982 and did not find any success until 1987 when a short mystery piece appeared in the fanzine HARD BOILED. The story appeared exactly as it was written in 1982. My first professional sale was in 1989 to THE NEW FRONTIER, a western anthology edited by Joe R. Lansdale. He would subsequently buy several pieces from me over the years, including “Thirteen Days of Glory” (aka The Alamo Story). On the basis of those two stories I was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer at the 1991 WorldCon in Chicago. I finished in fifth of six places (but not ahead of No Award). In 2006 I was pleased to be chosen by FACT to edit (with Joe) the anthology CROSS PLAINS UNIVERSE: Texans Celebrate Robert E. Howard which was given to all attendees to the World Fantasy Convention in Austin. The themes of the convention included an acknowledgment of the 100th anniversary of REH’s birth. The anthology later was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology and several stories were cited in the Year’s Best anthologies with either an appearance or a reference in the recommended reading.

I joined science fiction convention fandom in 1973 when I attended my first convention, AggieCon IV whose guests included Jack Williamson, Chad Oliver and Bob Vardeman. I have only missed one AggieCon since then and only because I was sick.

Over the years I have been a convention volunteer, co-chairman, division head, bookseller, guest and attendee. I like the last one best. I have attended WorldCons in Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, New Orleans, and San Antonio as well as the NASFiC in Austin.

I was a founding member of FACT and served on the Board of Directors for a year. I was also at the first ArmadilloCon and all real ArmadilloCons since (missing only the two relaxacons following the NASFiC and WorldCon).

My fiction has appeared in a variety of places mostly original anthologies and online forums as I have never been able to break the periodical market. I did sell a story to Pulphouse but that magazine closed down before printing it. A listing of my pieces can be found at the website, which lists me, according to my webmistress as “the greatest living sci-fi short story writer living in San Antonio”. I am not sure I totally agree and will listen to arguments about better ones.

I do live in San Antonio with Sandi, my wife of 31+ years and a few books, comics and movies.